TECHGEEK Podcast #6: We don’t need sex to create a scandal

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Turns out, to create a scandal, we don’t need to have a sexual relationship. However, we get a little bit sidetrack with the NBN to talk about that story. Yes, the NBN. We ranted about the NBN – that’s a first. We also talk about a new FaceTime video sex service and is Android getting a new gaming platform for Android? Anyway, we also introduce to the podcast the lead […]

TECHGEEK Tips #1: Make Movies become TV Shows on iTunes

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In a first episode of our brand new podcast series TECHGEEK Tips, James Wilson (our editor at Cupertino Loop) takes you around how to make your movies appear as TV shows on iTunes. The following tutorial is only available for the Mac – because James is a die-hard Mac fan – and you can download it here on techgeek.com.au. You can always listen to the tips on the TECHGEEK Podcast […]

TECHGEEK Podcast 5: Filter Us. We dare you!

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We are joined by Cupertino Loop‘s editor and (questionable) impressionist of Julia Gillard, James Wilson, for this week’s episode of the TECHGEEK Podcast – where we talk about the iOS 4 jailbreak, Apple no longer acting like a schoolgirl from high school, Liberals support for no filter and BlackBerry banned in UAE and Saudi Arabia. Sorry for the (if not apparent, disregard this) broken episode, mainly because James Wilson decided […]

TECHGEEK Podcast 4: iPhone 4 Frenzy!

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Well, we made it this far. Episode Four, with an Apple-studded lineup. And yes, that was laughing in the first few minutes of the podcast because of a very funny image. We also welcome Chris Southcott, a contributor to techgeek.com.au to the show! What’s on? iPhone 4 news, and some problems with the iPhone 3G with iOS4. Election news with some possible changes to the filter and Julia Gillard showing […]

TG Podcast 3: The Winners are Announced

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No, we are not talking about the winners of Masterchef or the winner of the election, we are talking about who has won our nifty competition for one of ten copies of BitDefender’s Total Security 2010 security suite package. Yes, that one – the one that has been promoted on our website. We closed the competition, we chose ten entries and we have read them out – in the same […]

TG Podcast #2: July is the new February

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And we’re back. Turns out July is the new February. Yeah, we’re sorry about not actually producing a second episode for February, but we’re back. And hopefully we will be hopefully next week, or next fortnight, or next month. Anyway, we discuss Apple’s problem with Antenna, call Apple a douche and call bulls#*t on getting high on digital music. Yes, it’s just another ordinary day for us. Anyway, Stewart and […]