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Shane Luckman is an Associate Editor for's Pwnage - covering the beat of gaming. A passionate gamer, you can usually find him complaining on Facebook, finishing a game or somewhere along the Neoseeker forums. He also likes heavy metal.


TGS: The Last Guardian (PS3) trailer

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Sony has released an HD trailer for upcoming game The Last Guardian. The trailer finally gives us a glimpse at what the gameplay will be like. The story involves the two main characters, a giant dog-like beast and a young boy. Together the two venture out into the world and solve puzzles, by using the beast to get the boy to high places and use his strength to move large […]

TGS: The Last Guardian (PS3) screens released

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Sony has released several screenshots for upcoming game The Last Guardian, being developed by the acclaimed studio Team Ico. The Last Guardian is an upcoming puzzle game, from the studio that developed such critically acclaimed games as Ico and Shadow of the Colossus. TLG is set to be released in 2011. Check out the full gallery at!

Duke Nukem Forever back from the dead!

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In some bizarre news this morning, Gearbox have unveiled a trailer and gameplay footage at the Penny Arcade Expo of Duke Nukem Forever, the game-to-be that was 12 years in production – and last year cancelled. Since 3D Realms have become bankrupt, Gearbox have secretly taken over work on the game. Gearbox are most notable for last years shooter/RPG game, Borderlands. Check out the video below for some (off-screen) gameplay […]

Mortal Kombat “Shadows” trailer released

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Warner Bros. Interactive and NetherRealm Studios have released “Shadows”, the new trailer for upcoming ultra-gore fest Mortal Kombat to be released in 2011 for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. Opening with classic characters shadows fighting each other to Disturbed’s new single “Another Way to Die”, it will get you as pumped for the game as we are at Techgeek.

Game Developer magazine releases annual Game Career Guide

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Game Developer magazine has released their 2010 Game Career Guide. Over-loaded with information on salary reports and interviews with student game designers, it is an essential guide for any budding game developer to get into the industry. Also included in this year’s edition are tutorials in creating games using Flash and Game Maker, which could assist you in making your gaming dreams come true. The education guides are based on […]

DiRT 3 announced, trailer coming soon

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Codemasters has announced that they are underway with DiRT 3 for PS3, PC and Xbox 360. A trailer will be shown during the X Games at Los Angeles which will show several details and features. The DiRT franchise is an off-road racer which has a lot to boast, having incredible graphics and realistic controls. DiRT 2 was also one of the first games to utilize Direct X 11. We hope […]

Halo: Reach modified for Australia!?

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Thanks to the Government’s Classification Review System, Halo: Reach has been modified for Australia audiences. Currently there are no reports on what has been modified but something drastic must have been done if Halo: Reach now has an MA15+ rating here, where the other Halo titles only received an M15+. Has Bungie added in anything too mature for Australian gamers?   “Strong Violence, Gaming experience may change online” – The […]

CoroCoro leak details two new Pokemon for Generation V

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Yesterday, a leak of the new issue CoroCoro has revealed the identity to a previously silhouetted Pokemon and it’s pre-evolution. Many speculated that it could be a Lucario or Mightyena evolution or even a whole new Legendary, but it has been revealed as an entirely new Pokemon. From Left to Right: Zoroark, Zorua. The first Pokemon to be revealed is Zoroark. According to the scan, he is a dark type […]

Sega unveils new console

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Sega has unveiled a new console, which seems to be pretty underwhelming in contrast to the other major consoles out now. Only time will tell whether the Zone Sega Wireless Gaming Console will be a contender in the “Console War” or just another knock-off like the Wii. The Zone Sega Wireless Console boasts 50 games; 20 from the Mega Drive and Genesis era, 14 arcade games, and 16 sport games […]

Massage Vest: The most outrageous controller ever?

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Ever wanted to play a fighter game such as Tekken 2 with a Massage Vest? No? Of course you haven’t but now you can thanks to a student project first thought of in 2007. The vest, dubbed the “Massage Me” has been shown at several electronic exhibitions and has been given a lot of praise. The device is very simple, the controls are scattered in patterns over the vest which […]

Downloadable: 8-Bit Left 4 Dead

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Ever thought whilst playing Left 4 Dead what the game would be like as an 8-Bit game? Well Mr. Eric Ruth has realised that dream by developing a free downloadable 8-Bit version of the game. >>>Download ‘Pixel Force: Left 4 Dead is a retro de-make of Valve’s hit zombie killing masterpiece.  Lovingly recreated in a fashion that would have been acceptable in 1986 for the Nintendo Entertainment System, this de-make […]

Gasp: Banjo-Kazooie join Sonic and Sega All Stars Racing

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Back in May of this year, Sega unveiled their next big game; Sonic and Sega All Stars Racing. The game will involve Sonic and Sega characters, past and present, racing in magnificent courses set in each character’s world. In total, Sega has said that there will be more than 20 playable characters, including hidden characters. Sega has also just released a new trailer, emphasizing the inclusion of Nintendo 64 character […]

Rumour: Nintendo’s next console might be called the Zii after recent trademark

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After the recent filing of a trademark for the name Zii, speculation has occurred on the internet that it might be Nintendo’s next console. Although to contradict the above statement, Nintendo have also filed a trademark for Cii, Bii and Yii suggesting it be a protective trademark. Nintendo have also refused rumours that it may be a Wii HD. Stay tuned for more.

Video game listing made easy

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Ever wanted to keep a rather well organised list of your games, unfinished or completed? Then sign up to Backloggery, the best way to keep a tab on your games. Whether it be old, new or unreleased, Backloggery has a complete listing of games from all consoles and peripherals ever made. And that’s not all, there are also other special features suggesting what game to play next, friends lists, medals […]

Another game banned in Australia

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It seems as if the Australian Classification Office of Film and Literature are just trying to fry everyone’s bacon. Just recently after CrimeCraft’s overall ban in Australia and Left 4 Dead 2’s modified version, Aliens vs. Predator has been banned from store shelves. Explaining why it was banned, the board said the gameplay included explicit decapitation, dismemberment as well as stabbing through the chest, throat, eyes and mouth. To stay […]

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