Xbox Signs Deal With Hollywood

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The people at Microsoft have decided that they would expand the range of choice of things to do by hiring famous Hollywood producer, one “Mr Safran” in a hope that it would bring in more people onto xbox live and to give those already a new dimension of how to use there Xbox. There is currently 10 million people currently playing on Xbox live with 18 Million consoles sold through […]

Technology in sports

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This Article is being written whilst i am watching the game of Manchester United vs Liverpool, which by my opinion has had some of the worst umpireing i have ever seen and personally, i’m appalled by this. Which sparks the debate of should technjology be used in Sporting competition. In this debate some things need to be made clear, technology of course one day will be implemented in sports, this […]

Up and coming Xbox games

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A new year sees many new games come in as the older ones start to dissapear from shop shelves. I would like to preview a few new up and coming games of ’08. Grand Theft Auto IV This time around in the award winning series you play as Niko Bellic, a European Migrant. The game takes palce in Liberty City (HOW ORIGIONAL!!!). Here are some of the new AWESOME add-ons […]

How to minimize your chances of your Xbox failing

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I am writing this because I am one of a many loyal Xbox fans who has suffered from such problems as the ‘Ring of Death’. A friend of mine had the problem were his Xbox dashboard would work but the games weren’t reading, I will now go through some symptoms of a failing Xbox 360. 1. A short deep scratching noise is made when your console is first switched on. […]

Ok, we get the point, you want more money!

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It seems that the 14 week long writers strike in Hollywood could be coming to an end. The decision was made by 92.5 percent of the 3775 people who are signed with the Writers Guild of America in a private ballot. The vote seems to have eased tension with reports saying that some 10,000 writers will be going back to work as soon as Wednesday. “The strike has certainly go […]

Note to all you who still buy games the ol’ fashion way.

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To all of you people here in Australia I would like to bring something small and efficient to your attention. When you go to buy your games, I recommend going to JB HiFi first to check there price, because I can almost guarantee you would be saving money, but also to then go and price match at EB and get an extended warranty(its worth it). An example of this is […]