Nicole Stirling


Nicole Stirling is a marketing leader with 15+ years’ experience working across Australia, New Zealand, South East Asia and Japan for B2B technology companies, such as Sitecore, Acquia and TechnologyOne. She is currently a freelance marketing consultant for B2B technology companies, start ups, scale ups and the agencies they partner with.


Mythbuster: Robots will take our jobs

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In the 2020s, as the technology behind artificial intelligence matures to business as usual, the conversation around it will shift to understanding its place in society. Still, today the comment ‘robots will take our jobs’ is a common concern of everyday participants in the economy. The conversation must turn to how artificial intelligence (AI) is fundamentally changing the workforce, calling out many cognitive tasks, like administrative, legal and accounting tasks, […]

Do we need another CMS?

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Most marketers are familiar with Scott Brinker’s Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphic – it has been updated every year for the last decade with the most recent to be shared in April at the annual Martech Conference. And if you haven’t seen it before now, I highly recommend viewing the 2011 graphic (where it all started) before the latest version so you can see how astronomically the marketing technology field has […]

Brisbane tech revolutionising pizza and roulette

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Queensland University of Technology students, Jackson Grant, Greyden Scott and Oliver Collins were enjoying some downtime between studies, having a few laughs over pizza and beers in the QUT Foundry when they dreamed up Pizza Roulette, a game of chance and pizza.

New marketing tech reduces Google ads spend waste

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For the past decade, I’ve run paid search campaigns, specifically Google ads, for employers and also some of my clients. Sometimes I’ve been hands-on with a campaign and managed these myself from keyword research, ad creation to optimisation. On other occasions, I’ve had budget available to outsource the execution to an agency.