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Throwback: Kingdom Hearts 2

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At the time, the concept of crossing over Square’s Final Fantasy series with Disney’s characters didn’t make a lot of sense. In fact, people were very skeptical about if it would even work. However, the release of the original Kingdom Hearts put every denier to shame as it turned out to be one of the greatest most ambitious crossovers in modern history.

Throwback: Fable

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Very few early games on the original Xbox gave us the kind of freedom that one game did, and that game’s name was: Fable. While Fable tapered off a bit as far as its franchise is concerned, there was just something that made the original Fable so amazing and one we would definitely love to see come back into our lives in a rebooted form (as long as they do […]

Throwback: Dark Cloud 2

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In the early 2000s, while everyone was enamored with the original Call of Duty, many decided to dive into one of the best throw-back dungeon crawlers on the PlayStation 2 system. In fact, Dark Cloud 2 was a lot of young gamer’s introduction into roleplaying games. This fact comes as a surprise to many due to the fact that Final Fantasy was around for much longer. You can’t argue how […]