High School IT – It’s time to start from scratch

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Image: Kelly Smith/Flickr (Creative Commons) In response to the ever-increasing role of technology in society through various academic and engineering developments, one fundamental question remains in the movement to arrest the decrease in students studying Computing at high school and university: what should we be teaching about IT to high school students? It can be said that many contributors and editors on this website, myself included, have taken at least one IT […]

THX sues Apple for patent misuse

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Illustration of ‘483 patent – United States Patent and Trademark Office According to Bloomberg, THX is suing Apple in a US District Court in California. THX has claimed that certain Apple products infringe a THX-held “narrow profile speaker” patent. THX was created by George Lucas in 2002. Once part of his Lucasfilms empire, THX defined standards and sought patents for theatre sound systems for optimal sound output. As described by AppleInsider, […]

Collusion iPad Pen “Unusable”

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Last year, a team of three Sydney entrepreneurs headed by former Telstra employee Robert Yearsley gained media attention in Australia for announcing a new Kickstarter-funded venture: an iPad stylus system touted for its high precision writing and collaboration features. One year on, with the now San Francisco-based Collusion having shipped the product, disappointed investors have widely panned the product for not delivering on the accuracy and features promised. Stuart Ryan, […]

News Corp-backed Amplify to launch Android Education Tablet

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Amplify Tablet Amplify, the education unit of NewsCorp, recently announced that it will release a new Android-based tablet.  According to Ars Technica, CEO Joel Klein, former Chancellor of the New York City Department of Education, the 10 inch tablet is intended to cater for the Education sector.  It is hoped that the product will serve as a “fully integrated teaching and learning solution” for the education sector, as a replacement […]

Time Warner Cable “does not see the need” to deliver Google Fiber speeds to consumers

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Image: Caleb Zhand/Flickr (Creative Commons) Prompted by the rollout of Google Fiber across Kansas City in the United States, broadband Internet subscribers have been clamouring for faster and cheaper plans from major ISPs who face little competition in the marketplace. According to the Chief Technology Officer of Time Warner Cable (TWC), Irene Esteves, customers apparently do not want or require the Gigabit speeds offered by Google Fiber. According to The […]

Evernote passwords reset after user information compromised

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Evernote in a recent blog post announced that it has implemented a service-wide password reset. This was due to a security breach where hackers attempted to “access secure areas of the Evernote service”. Evernote has instructed users to log in to the website to reset their password before logging in to desktop and mobile clients.