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What is DatPiff?

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Are you a fan of mixtapes, more for the sharing part than the commercial part? You would be interested to know that DatPiff is your saviour! DatPiff is a free to use mixtape sharing website, how free? You can even listen to Mac Miller’s Faces mixtape. But that’s not all, Mac Miller as endorsed DatPiff by sharing over and over again on that platform. Originally launched in 2005 by a […]

No, NASA didn’t find a parallel universe where time is running backwards

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Social media is great at spreading rumours, but usually, it’s because most things are open to interpretation… or lazy reading by some journalist. With that we bring some unfortunate news, scientists haven’t actually discovered a parallel universe. But you might think they have based on multiple reports from across the web. After an experiment in Antarctica by ANITA, which involves an array of radio antennas attached to a helium balloon […]

Melbournes Monash University researchers using AI to reduce hospital readmissions

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Monash University researchers have developed a solution using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to better understand the cause of hospital readmissions, in turn improving health outcomes and reducing the financial burden on the health system. In the biggest study of its kind in Australia, researchers applied AI technology to examine 10 years’ worth of patient medical records, looking at 14,000 records and examining the details of over 327,000 hospital readmissions. We’ve seen […]

Not just you: AWS Summit so far a disaster, bad quality, and disappearing sessions

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AWS Summit 2020, powered by Intrado, has been a complete disaster. Not only did it look like a web application from the early 2000’s, many users experienced very bad quality playback, and the first set of sessions completely disappeared. “It looks like all presentations have been postponed?” Ryan Warrener, “I’m not sure what is going on. Now the sessions are disappearing” Jarek Modra, “This is so so terrible” Alex Lee, […]