TECHGEEK Weekly 113: The End is Nigh!

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This week on (not) TECHGEEK Weekly, we discuss ATAR scores given that they are out today, some tips to help you get through your first year in Uni, Mayan prophecies and Berlusconi, and even talk about the quality of debate on the internet. Yes, its a whole smorgasbord of topics, but it’s another hour or so of That Other Show When Everyone is Away Show. Returning this week is Mark […]

TECHGEEK Weekly 96: Now For Something Completely Different…

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This week’s edition of TECHGEEK Weekly is, well, different. Yes, with Stewart, Tom and Chris not around; Terence brings two of his friends – Nicholas and Mark – to do an episode. Except, we’re not talking tech. So what will you hear? We talk about the Higgs Boson, the Frankenstein play that was recently on at the Cinema Nova directed by Danny Boyle, and why you shouldn’t put logic into Pokemon […]