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I am currently in my penultimate year of a Bachelor of Business Information Systems (BBIS) degree at Monash University.


Cut Copy’s 3D printed open source music video

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Aussie indietronica band Cut Copy have teamed up with awesome Japanese creative collective Party (I highly recommend checking out their past work) to create their newest music video for the funky song ‘We Are Explorers’ off of their most recent album ‘Free Your Mind’. The end product is a cute little video in which a pair of miniature 3D-printed characters partakes in a series of adventures around an urban setting at night. […]

Gap’s brilliant response to racism

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Recently American clothing company Gap (or ‘The Gap’ as most people love to call it) has unveiled a new marketing campaign aimed at promoting tolerance and diversity. Suitably named ‘#MakeLove’ the campaign features billboards containing images of models of differing ethnicities, genders and sexualities on display around New York. Earlier in the week New York based photographer Robert Gerhardt shared a picture on his Instagram which showed one of these […]

This virtual reality sandbox makes me wish I was a kid again

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Kids are so lucky in this day and age! Researchers at UC Davis have created this awesome virtual reality sandbox that fuses the physical and digital worlds in an awesome way. At first glance, it appears to be just a normal sandbox until one starts playing around with it and all these cool things begin happening. A Microsoft Kinect camera mounted above tracks the movements of the player while a […]

GTA V soundtrack leaks, 2 new songs revealed

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With the massive thirst for any GTA V related leaks, some keen beans cracked into the games pre-install files. Due to this, 20-30 hours of the soundtrack were leaked online. In addition, it has been confirmed that the game is indeed an 18GB download. In response to the leak, Rockstar issued a response via their official Playstation blog stating: “Regrettably, some people who downloaded the digital pre-order of Grand Theft […]

Will a machine ever pass the Turing Test?

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Ever since French philosopher René Descartes’ ‘Discourse on Method’ written in 1637, academics have had great debate over the question of whether machines will ever be able to think as humans do. Up until the 20th century, most scientists and philosophers agreed with Descartes’ view. Descartes argued in his discourse that no matter how effectively artificial intelligence mimics human action, we should not consider them human because: …they would never […]

Hundreds of people retweeted child porn

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Slane Castle Image: Gordon Flood (Flickr/Creative Commons) On Saturday an Eminem concert was held to a crowd of 80, 000 at the famous Slane Castle in Ireland. During the event, a teenage girl was photographed kissing a man while he sexually touched her before performing oral sex on the man in broad daylight amongst thousands of onlookers. By Sunday afternoon some fucking creep uploaded three pictures of the incident onto […]

The 3D printing boom is approaching

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Image: Creative Tools (Flickr/Creative Commons) In February, US President Obama left millions of Americans scratching their heads when during his State of the Union address he stated,  “A once-shuttered warehouse is now a state-of-the art lab where new workers are mastering the 3D printing that has the potential to revolutionise the way we make almost everything.” And he is absolutely correct. Although still in its infancy, the sky is the limit when […]

Why is vinyl becoming popular?

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Image: Steve Snodgrass (Flickr/Creative Commons) Vinyl records are experiencing a global resurgence. Sales are the highest they have been in 15 years. The figures from Nielsen SoundScan show the industry is booming with 2.9 million records sold in the past 6 months –  a 33.5% rise in sales over the first half of 2012. Comparatively, CDs are still struggling with sales falling another 14% as digital music continues to rise as […]