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Jeremy Liu is a writer based in Melbourne covering technology business and trends, largely from a consumer perspective. He has also written for Betanews. You can also find some of his other work on Tumblr.


Why Sony was right in rejecting Dan Loeb’s proposal

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Image: Steve.M~ (Flickr/Creative Commons) Sony’s struggles have been widely recounted as it attempts to maintain relevance in a two speed consumer electronics space where hardware is becoming increasingly commoditised, and software and services increasingly more exclusive. Dan Loeb of Third Point – a hedge fund which owns an almost 7% stake in Sony – has been vocal in suggesting changes for the fledgling company, and as arguably Sony’s most prominent […]

Apple VS Samsung: The Defence of Common Sense

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The transpiring events of Apple’s lawsuit against Samsung has divided the technology industry and has honed in on several overarching talking points and issues in intellectual property which far extend the perpetual ‘eye for an eye’ battle that the companies currently occupy. Many writers and pundits state that the lawsuit will be a primary stepping stone to IP and patent reform and will be a primary decider of the future […]

For the iPad, dominating like the iPod will not happen

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Image: Rego Korosi/Flickr (Creative Commons) Since its initial inception, the iPad has been the poster child for the tablet market, representing the gold standard for tablet perfection on basically every facet. The iPad’s software is unrivalled; it’s hardware, exquisite; and the marriage between the two, a couple that was always meant to be. In the face of stiff competition, the iPad is still by far the dominant force in the […]

Hollywood, Try and Keep Up

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Image: photographerglen/Flickr (Creative Commons) Internet content piracy has been an issue for a fair while, but only lately has it really begun to hit its peak with the introduction, and subsequent failure of SOPA and PIPA, as well as the shutting down of many popular downloading sites such as BTJunkie and Megaupload. Hollywood… still looks at the internet as a chaotic anarchy of deregulation where illegal behaviour is a norm […]

OPINION: Nokia, Running On Fumes

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The Nokia Lumia 800 – its first new smartphone running WP7 Despite reporting an operating loss of over 1 billion dollars, Nokia managed to pull off a feat to mollify the investors – 1 million Lumia Windows Phone device sales. That’s actually quite a respectable result considering the device has yet to make a showing in markets such as North America and Australia. But aside from that, Nokia’s future doesn’t […]

OPINION: Beneath the Excitement of iBooks 2

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Image: Apple Last week, Apple pulled the wraps off its latest offerings, iBooks 2 and iBooks author in a publicised event in New York City. Whilst the announcement has proved exciting and potentially world changing, digging a little deeper, there’s probably just as much to be concerned about as there is to be contented about. Ebooks are certainly the next big thing in reading, but I doubt they’ll ever fully […]

OPINION: Windows Phone 7 is FAR FROM DEAD

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Wired Epicenter recently published an article on Windows Phone titled ‘Is Windows Phone’s Consumer Focus Killing It?‘. It’s certainly reasonable to propose that the consumer focus is a reason for Windows Phone’s less than spectacular adoption, but to say that Microsoft’s will to satisfy the end consumers to the highest degree possible will be a prominent cause in the platform’s possible demise is pushing it much too far. The Windows […]

OPINION: Design Talks – for the iPhone 4S critics

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1 million pre-orders in the first 24 hours perhaps isn’t the greatest context in which to read this article, but suffice to say, Apple’s sales numbers rarely have any coalescence with the activities of their business. The original iPhone 4 was marred by antenna problems, only to cleverly be called ‘antennagate’ in the closed circles of tech fans whilst consistently ranking as the best selling smartphone worldwide. So to say […]

OPINION: Saving the future of 3D

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Sony's HMZ-T1 Personal 3D Viewer – is it going to revitalise interest of 3D TV? (Image: Sony) 3D television has performed exceedingly below market and manufacturer expectations. As a whole, it has been shunned by the majority of consumers and I’m not even going to bother sugar-coating the predicament of 3D television with the hope of dreams and aspirations which may or may not be realised, I’m sure you’re sick […]