Mac App Store, Twitter for Mac

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What a way to start 2011! With all the tech buzz surrounding CES and the rush of new toys, some of us may have forgotten that tomorrow, Jan 7, the Mac App Store will be released. Rumoured to be delivered by Software Update, here at TechGeek we believe that installing all the latest updates will ensure that you receive the update as soon as it is publicly released. Mac OS […]

Malware infecting Chinese Android devices

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Lookout Mobile Security – a company that creates powerful, anti-malware software for various phones (not iOS) – has released a blog most stating that there is growing amount of Chinese devices that run Android becoming infected by a Trojan, named ‘Geinmini’, can possibly turn the device into a zombie, as part of a possible botnet. The malware can infect such devices if the user has enabled the ‘Use Unknown Sources’ […]

App Update: Skype for iOS [v 3.0]

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Well it was bound to happen sooner or later and it finally has occurred – call it a last-minute Christmas present from Skype. If you hop on over to iTunes or the App Store, there you will see that Skype has been updated to version 3.0 – a very large milestone, and has some important updates. The major new feature for this update is the ability to have Skype Video […]

Julian Assange arrested by UK police

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It was always going to happen, and now it has. Julian Assange, the Australian behind Wikileaks, has been arrested by the UK Police. The 39-year-old elusive whistleblower was arrested at 9:30am London time, in relation to an European Arrest warrant issued by Sweden in relation to a sexual assault charge.

Find My iPhone now free

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With all the running around with iOS 4.2, one of the BIG things for users is the fact that if paying $80-$120 to be able to find your lost iOS device seems a tad expensive. But fear not! Apple, as of iOS 4.2, have made Find My iPhone free by creating a new account from the Settings app and verifying your email address. Once complete, you can now use Find […]

[Tip] Slow iTunes Download? Blame Google!

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With iOS 4.2 for iDevices and ATV 4.1 for the Apple TV being released today, it may seem your download speed is being limited. But fear not! While searching the internet, I found that if you have the Google DNS Server set as your DNS settings, your download speed may be effected. So fire up your network settings and make sure you have the correct DNS settings to ensure top […]

Apple teases that “tomorrow is a day…you’ll never forget.”

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If you have been a little late with the news today, Apple has placed a big, full-screen-sized image on their homepage, indicating a major change is about to arrive on iTunes. Many speculate this to be a Beatles-announcement that they have arrived on iTunes, while others believe this event will allow people to stream their libraries. Unlike other events, Apple has posted times for California, New York, London and Tokyo […]

27″ LED Cinema Display Now Available.

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Just a quick update to all our patient Apple readers, the amazing 27″ Display from Apple that has been “Coming Soon” is now “Officially Available” in the United States. It is priced at $999 USD and offers an iSight Camera, 3 self-powered USB ports, MagSafe Charger as well as 2.1 surround speakers. If you’re looking for the Australian 27″ Display link, here it is: 27″ LED Cinema Display. It is […]

FaceTime to meet Windows, OSX. 64-bit “iDVD-less” iLife due 2011.

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RUMOUR MILL: According to the French site Mac4Ever, there will be a new, mystery application that will replace iDVD in the iLife ’11 suite. The site also says that the entire iLife range will become native 64-bit (possibly iTunes as well). While this may be as a shock to some, it is expected as Apple moves forward in blurring the line between pro and family-able applications. 64-bit would mean your […]

ABC News 24 Internationally Available.

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For those of you abroad wishing to keep up with live coverage, you now can watch ABC24 online anywhere in the world. Visit http://www.abc.net.au/news/abcnews24/ . But don’t forget to checkout the TG Live Coverage.

10.6.4 Graphics Driver update available

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Apple today released a software update regarding the recently publicized driver issues that arrived in Mac OS X 10.6.4, namely from users of the immensely popular Steam-delivered Portal and Team Fortress 2 games. Full text of the update below: – Addresses frame rate issues occurring in Portal and Team Fortress 2 by Valve, on iMac (Late 2009 and Mid 2010), Mac mini (Early 2009 and Mid 2010), Mac Pro (Early […]

FBI.com – conspiracy or intention?

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Here at Techgeek, we value freedom, life, democracy, love, peace, war, rainbow unicorns and hard drive failures. With reference to the first one, we are curious about the url fbi.com. Everyone of the TG that attempts to access this URL is redirected to! Coincidence? Conspiracy? We would like to know. Take Our Poll

iOS 4.0.2 waiting to meet your iPhone, Apple Retail Store’s safe.

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Well that was short-lived. After much publicity, the PDF exploit that jailbreakme.com utilises (that site and others) to jailbreak your iPhone has been fixed by the big A. Apple this morning released the 4.0.2 update to fix that specific issue. That is all. No antenna fixing issues. No 3G painkillers. Nothing. Just a PDF, font-subsystem fix to keep Apple’s iPhone and iOS happy. Oh, and to stop youngsters (both real […]

Apple Store, Covent Garden, London

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Apple Inc. Once a company operating from a garage shed. Now, it spans over 240+ retail stores worldwide, with the latest being Covent Garden in London. This new store is number 245, and now holds the title of “Biggest Apple Store in the World.” The YouTube video below, courtesy of ElectricPig, gives you an excellent idea of big it actually is. It’s is interesting to note that the flagship ‘cube’ […]

Apple Store Down…. everywhere?

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Yes it’s true – the fruicticious shop is currently down in many-a-country, possibly signalling the arrival of a refreshed iMac, Mac Pro and iPhone line. What are your thoughts on the matter? Will we see a sparkling new trackpad? Let us know when it’s back up!