TECHGEEK Weekly 93: Macbooks, Domains and Shampoos

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The New MacBooks are out – with no Ethernet, a Skype call will land you 15 years in Jail (we tell you where) and who is getting their own version of a .com domain. Yes, get ready for this week’s edition of TECHGEEK Weekly – powered by Shampoo brands apparently. Turns out, Terence is starting to get a cold, and basically with little tech news, it basically became something of […]

TECHGEEK Weekly 87: Confusion, Confusion, Confusion

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iiNet wins against Hollywood, Google and Oracle duke it out and Microsoft is confused about Windows Phone 8’s future – all this and more on TECHGEEK Weekly. This week, you’re joined with Terence Huynh, Chris Southcott and Harley McEvoy. That’s going to be fun. Listen and subscribe! http://www.podtrac.com/pts/redirect.mp3/cdn.alfahosts.net/techgeekcomau/podcast/2012/04/rec_techgeekau_22_Apr_2012_podcast.mp3 DOWNLOAD MP3 SUBSCRIBE via iTunes SUBSCRIBE via RSS Show Notes Stories iiNet wins copyright case against Hollywood – is not liable for […]

TECHGEEK Weekly 85: Now (No Longer) Standards Compliant

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Facebook and Yahoo duke it out in court, SOPA could be back on the table, and the flying car is finally here! (And it could be rival Duke Nukem Forever to be vaporware). All this and more as we present a special Easter edition of TECHGEEK Weekly! Nothing special, but our panel of ‘experts‘ – and that is in quotations for a reason – come and debate some of the […]

TECHGEEK Weekly 84: Electrify Cruise Sensation 4G+Wi-Fi!

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Are you going to get the NBN? Plus, the ACCC calls Apple a liar, and that name for that Android phone – does it sound familiar? It should, and find out what that is on this week’s TECHGEEK Weekly. Terence Huynh, Chris Southcott and Harley McEvoy are on the roundtable this week. And like usual, Chris and Harley debate again on a different topic and find themselves united with one […]

TECHGEEK Weekly 82: The New, what?

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Or, also known as the episode where Harley and Chris rant about the new iPad – seriously, that’s what it is called. Meanwhile, Chris says that LA Noire sucks and the iPhone is now 4G under AT&T’s network. What’s even more remarkable was that they didn’t change the hardware. What, how? We’ll tell you at this week’s edition of TECHGEEK Weekly. And we’re back after a short hiatus. Terence, Chris […]

TECHGEEK Weekly 77: That Ranty Episode

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Facebook files an IPO, we learn Zynga makes 12 percent of its revenue, and Anonymous manages to swipe a recording about them from the FBI? Wow, and we thought Sony’s security was lax. All this and more on TECHGEEK Weekly. Stewart is away this week, so Terence, Chris and Tom are joined by the wonderful (and often replacing Stewart whenever he isn’t on the podcast) Harley McEvoy. Don’t forget to […]

ANALYSIS: Google TV ditches Intel, moves to ARM, to make it an appealing product

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It’s no secret that Google’s Android is a hot potato in the mobile market, even against the consumers darling the iPhone, one area that Google however, hasn’t been so lucky with is Google TV – but that hasn’t stopped Google persevering. Since it launched, it’s been panned virtually across the board as a mediocre product, nearly all the “major” TV networks in the United States have blocked it from accessing […]