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The Force is strong in Rural France

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Clearly all is not well in the far reaches of the Republic, as this epic duel in rural France will attest to.  While details are barely filtering through, it appears that this small out-post and its inhabitants are forced to defend themselves from an invading menace, clearly seen to be blocking vital trade routes, most likely as part of some sort of diabolical plan which has no doubt been concucted […]

iPad 2, iPhone 5 launch delayed?

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Numerous sources are reporting that due to various reasons, one being last minute design changes, the expected release date for both the upcoming iPad and iPhone models has been pushed back.  Whilst less is known about the iPad’s regeneration cycles (a new model was predicted originally for June, which has now turned into April), iPhone fans around the world now expect that come Apple’s annual World Wide Developers Conference – […]

Facebook colonising the Internet

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The Facebook machine continues to power its way into internet exclusivity, and after brushing aside Google earlier in the year as generating the most market share of visits on the entire web, Facebook now accounts for almost 25% of page views in the United States alone.

Sony ends production of the Walkman. (Wait… Sony was still making walkmans??)

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In the same way we mourn a legendary aged actor who passes away peacefully in his sleep years and years after his gloriously celebrated days adorning the silver screen, today we mourn the loss of another forgotten past legend. The tape-based Sony Walkman, famous for enabling a generation the convenience and portability of their tunes and beats for the very first time, will no longer be manufactured by the Japanese […]

Thief steals laptop, backs up and returns data to victim

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A University Professor is considering himself extremely fortunate after a moment of laziness cost him much more than was saved by avoiding a trip up the stairs to his apartment.  The unnamed Professor at a Swedish University was on his way to the laundry room but could not be bothered making the trek up to his apartment to dump his backpack which contained his laptop, and instead decided that it […]

New Nikon brings Hi-Def video to its DSLR range

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Nikon have announced the latest member in their DSLR lineup, a refreshed entry-level unit called the D3100.  Following the release of the D3000 in July last year, this new upgraded release is similar in looks and size, but boasts some handy and welcome features over its predecessor.

Optus to hold midnight launch of iPhone 4

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Whilst we are still patiently awaiting official pricing and/or the chance to pre-order our shiny new iPhone 4, we are at least more enthused to hear that Optus will this year spare its customers from the hours waiting in line and braving the cold as were the scenes for the iPhone 3G launch.