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Chris Southcott is a Senior Associate Editor for TechGeek, based in Wollongong. Chris is a long-time contributor to the site, usually writing about gaming, gadgets, Kanye West, and the issue of censorship.


Tetris Ultimate is still a busted piece of crap, but Ubisoft are releasing DLC first

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You’d think Tetris would be a pretty simple game to develop for current-gen game consoles, and yet, in 2014, Ubisoft shipped a busted piece of crap they ironically call ‘Tetris Ultimate’. Yeah, right. While I’m not sure about the stability of the Xbox One version, on the PS4, the game still crashes upon boot for me, even after their latest patch, requiring me to turn off my network connection to […]

Microsoft to customers: even a child can upgrade to Window 10

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Source: The Verge Upgrading Windows, or any OS in general, can sometimes be a rough process. You never know if it’ll lead to your computer or phone being bricked, whether you’ll experience some sweet error codes or BSOD’s, or whether you’ll find older software is no longer compatible with the latest and greatest version of XYZ. But screw you for being careful, you buffoon, even a child can upgrade to Windows 10. So […]

What if #MadMen was set in #2015 #YOLO

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You kids and your damn social media. Yes, Mad Men may have wrapped up its seventh and final season last week, but a fan-made Tumblr page shows the series will live on through modern #brand #integration, in the same vein as other forward-thinking social media accounts like @Seinfeld2000. The GIF-heavy Tumblr page, called Mad Men Integrated, which has so far taken aim at social media jargon, the hashtag, and the cruelty […]

Would an Apple Television have an antenna?

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Would an Apple Television have an antenna port? I mean, seriously, would it? Wouldn’t a television signal be counterintuitive to Apple’s own digital storefront goals, and wouldn’t it be weird for Apple to make a TV that sucks in content through the old-fashioned airwaves? I’m assuming Apple may have reached this conclusion themselves, judging by a WSJ report saying they’ve cancelled their TV project. Because in the end, how would a […]

FoodGeek: Doritos Roulette Review

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There’s nothing worse than guilt walking, and yet it’s an activity I generally partake in at least twice weekly, usually following a binge on some terrible foods. Today, however, I embarked upon a different guilt walk, one that I’ve never really encountered, mainly because, as well as completely devouring an entire packet of Doritos chips, the actual eating itself included its own pain. And that’s because I was eating the […]

Breaking: Apple and Nintendo to join forces with new Smart Gamepad accessory

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An early, unfinished copy of tomorrow’s Nintendo Direct keynote address has leaked on the company’s US YouTube channel, and while it was quickly removed, we were able to catch a glimpse at what will likely be a major move to change the struggling company’s future. In the humble address, Nintendo described an unprecedented partnership with tech and lifestyle powerhouse, Apple, which would include the distribution of an official ‘Smart Gamepad’ accessory. Clipping onto […]

You’ll finally be able to use the Xbox One gamepad wirelessly with your PC later this year

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Microsoft’s Phil Spencer just took the stage at GDC, and in a small Xbox-related keynote has announced that an Xbox One wireless gamepad adapter is coming later this year. Up until this point it’s been a USB-only affair, so this is good news to hear, especially considering the gaming initiatives coming with Windows 10, such as Xbox Live integration and a feature which will allow users to use their PC […]

Pwnage Digest – Grow Home, Destiny, and the New 3DS

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Grow Home is a must-buy $9.95 USD – Windows – Steam – Played for 8+ Hours Grow Home is a beautiful game that literally came out of nowhere, and you need to play it. Built by 8 people at Ubisoft’s British studio, Reflections, Grow Home places you in a vivid, colourful, polygonal world, with a seriously infectious feeling of fun that is hard to explain. You play as B.U.D, a procedurally animated, bright […]

Zane Lowe moving on from BBC Radio to work with Apple

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After ten years at BBC Radio, world-renowned talent Zane Lowe, who has been the face of BBC Radio 1’s award-winning New Music Show, is moving on. And the strangest thing of all? Like a few other recent tech/music hires, it’s towards tech giant Apple rather than another traditional radio creator. New Zealand-born Zowe, who was also just recently nominated for a GRAMMY Award thanks to his role in writing and produce Sam Smith’s […]

OneNote for Windows is now completely free

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Back in 2014, Microsoft took a big step forward with OneNote, a movement which was our first glimpse at the future for all of their Microsoft Office family. First they released a version of their popular OneNote service for Mac, as well as improving iPad, iPhone and Android versions. And the craziest thing of all? They released these apps with the sweet pricetag of free, while also making the previously paid OneNote 2013 similarly free for […]

Class President-elect Barack Obama tries to go viral on Buzzfeed

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Like a teenager attempting to be school captain, Barack Obama is continuing his rein of putting Coke-in-the-bubblers by talking to millennials through sites such as YouTube and Vox. Today, though, his voyage to reach a particular pop-politics audience, Obama has found himself on the Buzzfeed homepage, just above a ‘Reality Check’ article called 14 Texts You Send In Your Early 20s Vs In Your Late 20s. In the pandering viral video, Obama […]

Windows 10 Technical Preview opens up for some Lumia devices

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Microsoft is totally on a roll with their Windows 10 Technical Preview, today releasing an early version of the release for some Lumia devices. And while the version released today doesn’t yet include the new Spartan browser, there are plenty of changes at first glance, such as a new Calendar app, Mail app, preview Photos app, and a number of other tweaks to the notification system, called Action Center. The Start screen also […]

Microsoft is still crazy: meet the HoloLens

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“This is the world with holograms” wasn’t a phrase I was expecting from a consumer-focused Windows 10 event, though today, following a long conversation on the latest version of Windows, Microsoft introduced a product which sounds bat-shit crazy. And they call it the HoloLens. Basically, the HoloLens is a headset with features similar to the Occulus Rift, only instead of completely blocking our your vision with full worlds and using […]

Windows is now a service, latest release to become a free update for Windows 7, 8, and Phone users

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Windows is now a service. It’s done. At an event today in the company’s hometown, Redmond, Microsoft’s Executive Vice President of OS, Terry Myerson dropped quite a bombshell. As he announced, following the release of Windows 10, the latest version of the operating service will become available to all Windows 7, 8, and 8.1 users for free for at least a year following release. And, as well as that, he indicated […]

Report: Samsung in talks with BlackBerry about potential buyout, company responds with ‘Oh No You Didn’t’ statement

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Reuters is today reporting that Samsung is in talks with BlackBerry for a potential US$7.5 billion buyout of the enterprise-focused Canadian phone company. This isn’t the first time that the company has made headlines over a potential acquisition, though with BlackBerry moving away from the consumer market to an enterprise focus, it could be a great match for Samsung, who aren’t exactly known as a powerhouse in the business world. Though don’t let your imagination […]

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