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Chris Southcott is a Senior Associate Editor for TechGeek, based in Wollongong. Chris is a long-time contributor to the site, usually writing about gaming, gadgets, Kanye West, and the issue of censorship.


Review: iPhone 7 – Some very specific field notes

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The iPhone 7 is a clear stepping stone, but it’s one that people have been asking for for years now. And in my view, that’s a good thing. Whenever Apple makes the iPhone thinner and lighter people say that they don’t care about thinness or lightness. They want a thicker phone with a better battery. Critics don’t care about looks or gimmicks, they want functionality. And while the iPhone 7 […]

HANDS ON: Below lives up to the hype with a stunning artstyle

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I try to avoid really dense games when I’m at a games expo, mainly because it’s hard to get invested in a beautiful world when there’s a queue behind you, but I couldn’t resist a taste of Below from Capybara Games. With a killer art-style, music by Jim Guthrie, and gameplay that’s deeper than you’d think, Below is a 2D RPG Roguelike that feels like the next big indie-treat. It’s sharp, […]

HANDS ON: FAST Racing NEO is FAST and already feels like another Wii U classic

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I’d never heard of FAST Racing NEO before PAX Australia 2015, and that’s a very sad thing. Mainly because it’s amazing. While behemoths Sony and Nintendo have kept classic sci-fi racers like WipEout and F-Zero in the backburner, or as I like to call it, ‘the farm’, FAST Racing NEO comes with a modern look, tight controls, and a buttery-feel, despite running on the limited Wii U hardware. The title comes from a […]

First Impressions: Yo-Kai Watch is a post-millennial Pokemon

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I don’t know what Yo-Kai Watch is, but millions of kids do, and therefore I checked it out because I want to know what the kids are up to. But I still didn’t really get it. Released to Japan in 2013, the game is accompanied by a Manga series, a TV show, and plenty of other hot merch. It’s the Star Wars of anime, destined to be a hit. And […]

Newegg to ship directly from Australian distributors starting Monday

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Californian computer retailer Newegg will begin shipping directly from Australian distributors Monday, with a dedicated local warehouse expected to follow in the coming months. The retailer, popular amongst gamers and DIY PC builders, previously introduced Australian pricing to the site in 2014, although continued shipping products from their US warehouse. From Monday Newegg will bring 50,000 products to Australian shores, using existing local distributors. Some products won’t be initially available, leaving plenty […]

You need Google Keep for iPhone in your life

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There’s seriously only one app that gives me Android envy, and it’s now officially available on iPhone and iPad. Launched as a super simple, underrated reminders app, Google Keep is exactly what I want from a Notes app. With simple filing systems, like applying colours and tags to notes and reminders, Google Keep is almost like a minimalistic version of Evernote. Even better, real-time sync features similar to those found in Docs means, unlike Evernote, you’ll never […]

The Apple Pencil costs $99+ because you probably don’t need it, and that’s a good thing

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A lot of digital and literal ink has been spilled over the announcement of a stylus at tech-blogger Christmas. Though looking past the surprisingly widespread hot-take that “Steve Jobs never wanted a stylus,” the Apple Pencil isn’t clearly not built for mass consumption. It costs $99 for a reason. In fact, I thought it was pretty clear, both from promotional material, and the fact that the Apple Pencil is an accessory to a ‘Pro’ tablet, […]

Should I get a Rose Gold iPhone 6s?

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Apple launched a bunch of stuff. Some is cool, some is lame. But most importantly they made a Rose Gold iPhone. So please help me out here: Silver or ‘Rose Gold’? Loading… I am deeply concerned I’m going to make the wrong decision. Expect to see this on eBay if I make the wrong choice

Nolan North is the lamest robot in Destiny’s 2.0 patch

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Destiny is the game everyone loves to hate, and then love, and then hate some more. And with good reason: it’s a good game that plays well, with a lot of repetition. It’s a good game that plays well, with a lot of repetition. It’s a good game that plays well, with a lot of repetition. It’s a good game that plays well, with a lot of repetition. You get the point. […]

Review: Grow Home for PS4

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Grow Home is my favourite game of the year. With a beautiful polygonal art-style, bright colours, and fabulous climbing mechanics, it’s admittedly simple, but perfect. And yet the PlayStation 4 port, which was just released today for free through PlayStation Plus, runs like crap on the console. But more on that a little later. As the game’s name suggests, Grow Home sees you grow a plant into the heavens.The bigger your plant […]

Lifehack: How To Read More Books

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I was about to buy another book to add to my largely untouched Kindle library when it hit me! Libraries exist! Surely I can’t be the only one who has forgot that libraries exist? So here’s the Lifehack: Libraries have shelves of books and all you need is a card to access any book for free. Best of all too, you don’t even have to go to a library anymore […]

The E3 2015 Conference Train Kicks Off NOW: All Your Australian Times

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Source: GameSpot E3 2015 kicks off in around 10 minutes, starting with Bethesda Games Studios, who should be announcing more Fallout 4 details, and something about DOOM. So here’s your round-up of every E3 2015 keynote, converted for your Australian clocks. Bethesda E3 Press Conference Monday, June 15, 2015 – 12PM (Lunchtime) – Watch Here Microsoft E3 Press Conference Tuesday, June 16, 2015 – 2:30AM EA E3 Press Conference Tuesday, […]

FoodGeek: Cadbury Vegemite Chocolate Review

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Yes, we’re a little late to this party, but I thought it Cadbury’s Vegemite chocolate was still worth a taste-test from your trust-worthy FoodGeek columnist. Vegemite is such a weird thing as it is. It’s basically a salty, somewhat bitter product that looks deceptively smooth and creamy. And it tastes incredible melted into a warm, fluffy bit of white toast. But if you put it anywhere else you’ve lost me. […]

Dumb Companies Talkin’

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Presented without comment… Twitch responds to YouTube Gaming . @YouTubeGaming Welcome Player 2. Add me on Google+. #kappa — Twitch (@Twitch) June 12, 2015 Rdio responds to Apple Music Welcome, Apple. Seriously. #applemusic — Rdio (@Rdio) June 8, 2015 Rhapsody responds to Apple Music “It’s flattering to watch new competitors bring a product virtually identical to the one we’ve had in market for years. We know better than to […]

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