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GIFT GUIDE: Video Games of 2013 – Sony and Microsoft

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This year was a big year for video games – not just because of two new console launches, but because of the number of really good titles out there. So if you’re trying to find a game to give for Christmas, or looking for something to bundle with that new Xbox One or PlayStation 4, we’re here to help. Here are our choices for games you should buy for Christmas. For […]

Assassin’s Creed Pirates mobile game coming to iOS and Android

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In conjunction with the recent release of Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag Ubisoft is presenting a new mobile game: Assassin’s Creed Pirates coming out for $4.99 on both the App Store and Google Play centered around naval combat. Ubisoft Paris places you in the shoes of a young captain by the name of Alonzo Batilla and be in charge of the recruitment of crew members and featuring real-time naval battles as […]

Batman: Arkham Origins Review: The game Gotham deserves

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With the critical and commercial successes of the previous two titles in the series, Batman: Arkham Asylum and Batman: Arkham City, a third title in the franchise would always have high expectations to meet – both from critics and fans. And why wouldn’t it? The Arkham franchise – developed by Rocksteady Studios – rises above the previous Batman games. It, in my opinion, perfectly encapsulates the iconic gadgets, detective skills and combat mastery […]

Titanfall release date is earlier than expected

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Today Respawn Entertainment‘s new hybrid single and multiplayer IP Titanfall had its official release date to be March 11th, 2014 for the Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC. The futuristic modern shooter has already been awarded over 80 industry awards after its debut trailer featured in E3 this year. This announcement was also made alongside their collectors Edition of the game which features: 18″ Atlas Titan Statue: with lots of pretty LEDs […]

New Battlefield 4 themed Astro A50’s now available in Australia

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With Battlefield 4’s upcoming release on the 31st of October for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 and at the launch of the next gen systems Astro Gaming has released a special edition Battlefield 4 headset now available at Australian retailers EB games and JB Hi-Fi. The price tag however is pretty hefty coming in at around $369 at JB and $379.95 at EB, so this product may just be for […]

Watch Dogs delayed to 2014

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Today Ubisoft Montreal has revealed that their upcoming title Watch Dogs will be delayed to “spring 2014” which for us down under typically means Autumn. All current and next-gen versions of the game have been been pushed to the now delayed release window. While we were looking forward to getting our hands on the new open world IP this year the development team feels the game needs some much needed […]

Arkham Origins mobile game and new assassin revealed

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At this years New York Comic Con we got a first look at a new Batman: Arkham Origins mobile trailer and although we didn’t get an actual release date it appears to be coming out sometime in the near future. The mobile game has been developed by NetherRealm Studios who’s previous works include both the mobile and console version of Injustice: Gods Among Us.The mobile game is to be released on […]

Season Pass details announced for Batman: Arkham Origins

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My oh my it has been a busy week for Batman news indeed, in the third major announcement of this week Warner Brothers have announced the details for their season pass roll-outs of Batman: Arkham Origins. The Season Pass will be available as pre-orders and at launch for the Wii U, Xbox 360, PS3 and PC at the following prices and with the following savings: €19.99 (saving €10) £15.99 (saving £12) US$19.99 […]

First Deathstroke Gameplay for Batman: Arkham Origins

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Batman news has been coming along quickly over the past couple of days with today’s reveal demonstrating the first footage of Deathstroke gameplay. Deathstroke arrives as a part of the pre-order bonuses at specialist retailers like JB Hi-fi and EB games. The trailer features the reveal of 3 skins: Judas Contract, Injustice Deathstroke and the original Batman: Arkham Origins‘ skin. The Deathstroke pre-order bonus also features two exclusive challenge maps: predator […]

Batman Arkham Origins: Knightfall pack trailer

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The Knightfall pack just recently got a trailer for upcoming title Batman: Arkham Origins. The Knightfall pack had been mentioned earlier in the year as a PS3 exclusive featuring both the “Classic TV Series Batman Skin ” from the campy TV show and of course the “Knightfall Batman Skin” based off the iconic comic where Azrael takes over for Batman temporarily after Bane broke his back. The pack also comes […]

REVIEW: Plantronics GameCom Commander

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Despite lacking the aesthetics, the Plantronics GameCom Commander is a premium gaming headset. Featuring top-notch noise cancellation and 7.1 Dolby Digital surround sound, the Commander is designed to let gamers be immersed in their gameplay. But with a hefty pricetag, is it worth every single cent? Terence Huynh and Ashton Bernard both tried the Plantronics GameCom Commander for themselves. Terence: Premium in cost, not in design The Plantronics GameCom Commander is definitely […]

Nvidia PhysX trailer reveals more gameplay for Batman: Arkham Origins

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In a new PhysX video by Nvidia we get a closer look at some more gameplay of Batman: Arkham Origins and how PhysX adds new features such as dynamic shadows, fogs and tesselation effects. Although the particle effects are a nice add on for PC gamers, the focus for me was on some of the new gameplay featured. While the majority of the gameplay seems virtually identical to the of Batman: Arkham City we […]

New Watch Dogs demo trailer outlines seamless multiplayer

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Ubisoft’s upcoming title Watch Dogs has recently released a lengthy 14-minute gameplay demo showing off some of the open world aspects of its brand new IP. The trailer once again focuses on the central operating system or ctOS and how breaching ctOS facilities will allow players to gain the ability to hack the everyday citizens of Chicago and take advantage of local cameras, electricity grids, traffic lights as well as […]

Xbox One launches November 22

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Just announced today by Microsoft (and via Major Nelson), the Xbox One will be launching on the 22nd of November 2013 in the 13 available launch countries. Just to recap these first 13 countries are Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, New Zealand, Spain, UK and the US. Microsoft’s Yusuf Medhi also revealed that the Xbox One’s CPU performance has been increased from 1.6GHZ to 1.75GHZ. These games will […]

Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate “Under New Management” trailer reveals plotline

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Armature Studios’s latest trailer titled “Under New Management” for their upcoming game Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate has revealed a very similar plot to that of 2009’s Batman: Arkham Asylum with a prison uprising at the notorious Gotham super prison. The PS Vita and Nintendo 3DS sister game to be released on the same day as Batman: Arkham Origins by WB Games Montreal sets the stage months after the conclusion to Origins centering around a uprising at […]