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Adrian Cajili is in charge of Pwnage for TechGeek and is based in Melbourne. A massive Halo fan and known for his drawings, he's the reason why the site is massively into Halo and anything 343/Bungie.


Halo 5: Guardians Opening Cinematic

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The opening cinematic for Halo 5: Guardians‘ campaign has been revealed. The video features Jameson Locke and his team of Spartan-IVs, Fireteam Osiris, dropping into combat, sprinting, shooting and ground-pounding their way through Covenant and Promethean forces. The UNSC are also looking to retrieve Catherine Halsey from Jul ‘Mdama, hoping to find out more about the cataclysmic events happening throughout the galaxy. This action packed sequence give us just a sneak peek of what 343 have […]

Gamescom 2015: Halo Wars 2 announced for 2016

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  With all these announcements at Gamescom 2015, Xbox left something special for last which surely excited Halo fans. Halo Wars 2 was announced for the Xbox One and Windows 10, and is set to release sometime in ‘Fall 2016’ (Spring 2016 for us Aussies) The first Halo Wars was a Real Time Strategy game, set in the Halo Universe and was released in 2009. Halo, being a popular First Person […]

Gamescom 2015: Crackdown 3 first look

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During the Xbox Gamescom briefing, it was confirmed that the next Crackdown game will be titled Crackdown 3. This first look trailer showcases the familiar open-world gameplay with new additions and features being added to the game with the power of Xbox One and the cloud. According to Reagent Games, Crackdown 3 will feature 100% destructible environments, using the Xbox One’s cloud computing, claiming to be 20 times more powerful than […]

Gamescom 2015: Chat pad coming to Xbox One this holiday

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Announced at today’s Xbox Gamescom conference, a new chat pad peripheral for Xbox One controllers will be coming November 3rd (US) Similar to the Xbox 360 version, the chat pad becomes useful for messaging or web browsing, with a full QWERTY keyboard, backlit keys, and audio jack. But in this iteration, it includes audio controls similar to the Stereo Headset Adapter, two programmable buttons, and comes with a chat headset. […]

Gamescom 2015: Killer Instinct Season 3 confirmed, Battletoads guest character playable today

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Announced at the Xbox Gamescom briefing, Killer instinct will be getting another season, starting March 2016. Just a couple of months ago, Season 2 came to an end, bringing a handful of old and new fighters; more stages and themes; and features including a revamped story-mode and ‘shadows’, and it goes without saying that Iron Galaxy have done an amazing job with the franchise. I’m proud to announce that Killer Instinct Season 3 […]

Gamescom 2015: Scalebound first look, Four player co-op announced

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During the Xbox Gamescom briefing, Hideki Kamiya from Platinum Games (Bayonetta) revealed the first gameplay footage of their upcoming hack-n-slash Xbox One exclusive, Scalebound. Scalebound features epic gameplay and large worlds that players can explore on foot, or on their flying companion. You play as a character named Drew, using his sword and bow to give you a mix of melee and ranged combat, also being able to fight along side your dragon […]

Gamescom 2015: Quantum Break gameplay and release date

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Coming from the Xbox Gamescom conference, Quantum Break is finally given a release date – April 5th, 2016.     The video gives an in-depth look at the gameplay, showing off the time-bending abilities, and more information on the story, which includes actors Shawn Ashmore (Xmen), Aiden Gillen (The Wire) Dominic Monaghan (Lost) and Lance Reddick (The Wire) As the game tells the story about the heroes, the live-action TV series […]

E3 2015: Microsoft Conference Recap

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With Bethesda starting off E3 with a bang! Microsoft, the first of the ‘big 3’ conferences, had so much in store in this year’s press briefing, Not only with upcoming video games, exclusives and indies, but also backwards compatibility, Xbox and Windows 10, Oculus partnership and Hololens. For those who weren’t able to watch the live conference at 2:30am, here’s a list of all the announcements made: Halo 5 Guardians kicks off […]

Halo 5: Guardians ‒ Release date & Live action trailers

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Today, two live-action Halo 5: Guardians trailers were released during (and after) the Season 5 finale of The Walking Dead. With both trailers setting up “one of the most epic showdowns in entertainment history” “The Master Chief. Spartan Locke. Who is the hunter and who is the hunted?” Said Microsoft in a press release. The trailer that aired during the TWD finale, shows Spartan Locke walking through a destroyed human city, walking […]

Mortal Kombat X – Ermac Reveal trailer

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During their Mortal Kombat X stream, NetherRealm Studios revealed another Kombatant, showing off the red ninja, Ermac. He retains his force lift, teleport, hover, and gets a handful of new abilities that are good for set-ups and GREAT for spammers. His three variations are: Mystic, which gives him the Tele Lift and Tele Push abilities Spectral, which lets him fly and perform unique attacks in the air Master of Souls which gives him […]

Halo 5: Guardians Multiplayer Beta ‒ Behind the Scenes [GALLERY]

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During this year’s HaloFest, 343 Industries gave us a sneak peek at the Halo 5: Guardians beta starting next month. One of the biggest changes to the game are Spartan Abilities, giving players more maneuverability and power on the battlefield. Three new maps were revealed ‒ Truth, Empire and Crossfire, a new game-mode named Breakout, and an Energy Sword power-weapon variant named the ‘Prophet’s Bane’ There are a lot of new changes to […]

REVIEW: Halo: The Master Chief Collection

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343 Industries is celebrating the 10th anniversary of Halo 2 in a big way – giving fans not only a remastered version of Halo 2 for the Xbox One, but every single one of Master Chief’s adventures in one special collection. Originally released for the original Xbox in 2004, Halo 2 was a massive success for Microsoft and Bungie, with acclaim from both fans and critics. The game quickly became the top-selling game for the original Xbox, selling at least 6.3 million copies in the United States alone.

HANDS ON: First look at Bethesda’s arena brawler, Battlecry

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Playable on the show floor was Battlecry, the upcoming free-to-play third First person brawler by Bethesda Softworks, which puts up to 32 players in a warzone, fighting for area control. The game focuses on team-based combat, combining fast-paced brutality and competitive multiplayer to bring you an interesting mix between Team Fortress and Smite. Following a cataclysmic world war at the dawn of the 20th century, the most powerful Empires left standing came together […]

HANDS ON: ID@Xbox features heavily at PAX Australia

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Microsoft’s recent push for indie development was on full display at this years PAX Australia. Whilst Xbox’s massive booth devotes a fair proportion of space to Sunset Overdrive, Minecraft: Xbox One Edition and Halo: The Master Chief Collection, the rest of the space is dedicated to indie developed games. The ID@Xbox space featured many locally developed games such as the popular Screencheat, and E3 2014 showcased games such Ori and the Blind Forest and […]

HANDS ON: Mortal Kombat X gameplay is more gruesome than ever

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Hidden away from innocent eyes, behind a black curtain, was the Mortal Kombat X booth, showcasing the game’s updated visuals and brutal gameplay. The demo gave us access to all announced characters including the two recently announced fighters Kano and Quan Chi. Mortal Kombat has always emphasised the blood and gore with each iteration, with MK9 being one of the drastic changes in the franchise in terms of 2.5D gameplay and visuals. MKX has […]

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