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Apple announce new 12” MacBook with Retina

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Remember those old plastic MacBook’s commonly found with school children or those on a budget? Well, there’s a new one and it’s nothing like it’s previous versions. The new Macbook comes in three colours: Gold, Space Grey and Silver.  It’s also the lightest Mac ever made, weighing in at just 920 grams. The MacBook is 13.1mm thin, 24% thiner than the MacBook Air, and features a newly designed keyboard which […]

The Apple Watch will be coming out in Australia on April 24

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Apple has finally released the release date and price for the Apple Watch, its brand new smartwatch. The company will roll out the product on April 24 in nine countries: Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, the UK and the US. However, the price will definitely break the bank. The Apple Watch will come in two screen sizes (38mm and 42mm) and three distinct collections – Apple Watch […]

Apple Watch will start shipping in April

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In amongst the announcements that Apple sold a lot of iPhones (especially in China) in the previous quarter, Apple CEO Tim Cook has announced in the company’s earnings announcement that the Apple Watch will be coming out in April. Announced in September last year, the Apple Watch is the company’s first entry into the fast-growing smartwatches market. Like every other smartwatch, it will receive notifications from your iPhone and track […]

Apple refreshes iPad lineup – includes Touch ID and Apple Pay

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After it was accidentally leaked out online by Apple itself yesterday, it has officially confirmed that it will refresh both the iPad Air and iPad mini at its press event earlier today. Both will support the Touch ID fingerprint reader and Apple Pay, bringing them on par with the iPhone. However, since both the new iPad Air and iPad mini do not include NFC, Apple Pay will be limited to just app purchases. The […]

OPINION: Apple Watch fails to live up to the hype

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So, after years of waiting, the so called Apple ‘iWatch’ finally made its appearance today, as the lacklustre Apple Watch.  Years of expectations being built up, will it have a curved sapphire screen,  or will it feature a round display? Will it run iOS or something entirely different? How will it offer anything different to the countless other smart watches already on the market? What was announced  today, however, was […]

Apple reveals the iPhone 6 – two sizes, both coming out on September 19

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Apple have confirmed what we pretty much expected at its press conference earlier this morning – that there will be an iPhone 6, and that there will be two screen sizes. The iPhone 6 will now feature a bigger 4.7-inch display, while the iPhone 6 Plus features a 5.5-inch display and could potentially be a competitor to the Galaxy Note. Promoted as the thinnest and lightest iPhone yet, the iPhone […]

This is the Apple Watch

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The screen fades to black, a camera pans. The audience is shown, for one last time, before their lives are changed forever. And then it appears. The Apple Watch. Well, maybe it’s not exactly that insane, though it definitely seems to be the new product category Tim Cook has been teasing for years: a wearable. With a rounded-square front-panel, powered by a brand new bubble-like UI, the Apple Watch comes to light with ‘nimble, precise’ […]

Apple creates Swift programming language, has “none of the baggage of C”

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There was no doubt some people disappointed that they did not announce any new hardware at WWDC, but it has certainly excited developers with its latest announcement. Announced earlier today, Apple has created a brand new programming language for designing apps to run on iOS and its Mac computers to replace Objective-C. Called Swift, the new language is said to be similar to Objective-C without the baggage of C. According […]

Apple announces iOS 8 – with Interactive Notifications, QuickType and Health Kit

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Apple has today announced iOS 8 at the World Wide Developer Conference of 2014. Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO said on stage that the experience of iOS 8 is two-fold, great end-user features and developer tools. Paired with OS X 10.10 Yosemite, iOS 8 introduces a major change to the way Apple’s desktop and mobile platforms interact. On stage Apple called this Continuity, though the most impressive feature comes in the form […]

Apple confirms Mac OS X Yosemite – with brand new UI design

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At its WWDC press conference, Apple has lifted the lid off the next version of OS X. Following the new naming scheme of locations in California, the new version is called OS X 10.10 Yosemite and it will introduce an overhauled “fresh [and] modern” user interface that features the flat design elements introduced in iOS. According to Apple, the new redesigned user interface makes it more “clearer, smarter and easier […]

Beats Music starts small with just 111,000 subscribers, no word on how many are paid

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Despite rumoured, and practically confirmed, acquisition plans from Apple for US$3.2 billion, Beats Music, the subscription streaming service from the popular headphone brand, has just over 100,000 users according to a new report. As The Guardian reports, the actual user count for Beats Music is strengthened by the fact that 61,621 of these accounts are part of the Beats Music ‘Family-Plan’, which can allow up to 5-users for AT&T users at […]

Microsoft Office for iPad to be released in coming weeks

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Hot off the heels of OneNote coming to Mac, The Verge is reporting that Microsoft Office for iPad, which had reportedly been completed a while ago, will finally be released in the coming weeks. At a keynote in San Francisco on March 27th, new Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella will be showing off the app as part of Microsoft’s new “mobile first, cloud first” strategy. However, it isn’t going to be a big change […]

This is iOS 7.1 and it’s out now

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Apple have this morning released iOS 7.1 for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Featuring a refined UI, faster animations, major bug fixes, CarPlay support, and improved responsiveness on some older devices, it’s a welcome update that finally brings back some of the snappiness we lost with iOS 7. The full changelog includes: CarPlay support. New Camera setting to automatically enable HDR for iPhone 5s devices. Improved performance on the […]

Apple reveals CarPlay – iOS in your car coming later in the year

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Apple said last year that they were working on bringing iOS into your car. Today, it’s becoming reality. The iPhone maker has lifted the lid on CarPlay, partnering with several car makers to bring a “smarter [and] safer way to use your iPhone in the car”. CarPlay will let drivers access content from their iPhone to their car’s onboard entertainment system, such as music to listen while on the road or […]

Tumblr becomes the weapon of choice for Apple’s marketing team

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According to Apple, every colour has a story. Or at least, that’s what they want to tell potential young customers using microblogging site Tumblr. While it isn’t out of the ordinary for a company like Apple to flaunt their latest devices in an expensive marketing blitz, their latest attempt to sell the iPhone 5c is a little out of the ordinary. Generally limiting themselves to more traditional advertisements, users of […]

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