There is now a Karen game: Argue your way to the top!

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Over the past two months, Vagabond Dog has been working on a hilarious comedy game called Karen: An Outrage Simulator. It’s set in the same universe as their other games, Sometimes Always Monsters / Always Sometimes Monsters, and lets you play the all to familiar annoying woman who attacks all sorts of customer service employees to ensure she always gets what she wants.

The game has you navigating a variety of argument trees to target the employee’s Confidence, Patience, or Guilt to ideally, get what Karen wants and deserves, before your Freakout Meter hits its limit and you go berzerk, causing one hell of a scene. Yes that’s right, 2020 is in full force and you’re apart of it.

So if you’re ready to become the ultimate Karen by; using expired coupons, get undeserved refunds, and shop without a mask on, you can grab it on steam now. Make sure you check out the other array of entertainment that Vagabound Dog has created for us.