Tesla reportedly adding USB-C ports and wireless phone charging to their Model 3 vehicles

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Tesla has brought the Model 3 up to date with the latest tech. The company has introduced a wireless phone charger and USB-C ports to Model 3 vehicles built at its Fremont factory in California. These previously were only available in Tesla’s Model Y.

USB Hub including USB-C
Image Source: Elektrek

Currently, these features are only available in their Chinese-made, and Model 3 vehicles and the US. But until now, it has only been available to Model 3 vehicles as an aftermarket add-on, according to Elektrek.

Last month, Tesla cuts prices by as much as 6% in North America to boost demand. This could be an addition to these recently reported price drops to try and convince potential buyers to give into Tesla.

Tesla was briefly forced to stop work at its Fremont, California, factory due to stay-at-home orders. The company resumed production in the area after resolving a dispute over safety measures with local authorities.