Despite the Coronavirus economic impact, Apple shares at an all-time high

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January was a peaceful time for most, with COVID-19 not spreading recklessly, you could comfortably sit in a restaurant, there were no toilet paper shortages, and Apple’s stock was sitting comfortably at $327.85 USD (January 29). However, by 23rd of March, we saw their share price drop harshly by 33% to $224.37.

Now come June, we’re able to buy toilet paper, we’re easing out of isolation, Australia has become one of the world leaders in fighting COVID-19, and Apple shares (APPL) hit $331.50 today.

Interesting, that’s more than it was before the drop. That’s a full recovery! Apple has managed to come out more reliable than ever. This positivity is not surprising with how it quickly Apple adapted to WFH (Work From Home) life and assisted health authorities and governments by building tools for developers to help with contact tracing.

We see companies survive better when they adapt to change. Also, as WWDC comes close, it won’t be a surprise if Apple continues to keep stable with new product announcements, and other exciting reveals.