Microsoft Sued for Trademark Infringement by Azure Knowledge Corporation

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Microsoft Azure Logo ensored

Microsoft has been sued for trademark infringement and for passing off for the trademark ‘Azure’ by Azure Knowledge Corporation, or “Azure,” a leading IT Company who has worked with companies such as Bloomberg, Vodaphone, and Deutsche Bank.

Azure Knowledge Corporation a leading market research solutions and global data collection provider, is headquartered in New Jersey USA, but the infringement is being filed in India.

Azure Knowledge Corporation has stated that Microsoft deliberately used the mark ‘Azure’ despite having prior knowledge that the Indian Company is the legal and the statutory owner of the trademark.

The company claims to have been using the trademark ‘Azure’ as early as 1996, and registered it in 1998. They claim that Microsoft has only been using the trademark ‘Azure’ in India since 2016 as per its own admission on its website.

Litigation has been filed in the Indian Court to restrain Microsoft from using the trademark ‘Azure’ in India, ‘Microsoft Azure’, ‘Azure Cosmos DB’, ‘Azure Cloud For All’, ‘Azure Sphere’, ‘Azure Brain Wave’, and other names identical to or similar to its trademark ‘Azure’. 

This seems as a huge set back for Microsoft in India, and it will be difficult for Microsoft to use the Azure branding in India.