Australia wins first “AI Eurovision Song Contest” by sampling Koala, Kookaburras, and Tasmanian Devils

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The Australian team named Uncanny Valley has won the, very unique, AI Eurovision Song Contest with a track entitled Beautiful the World.

Beautiful the World is largely written using artificial intelligence. The team trained their machine with audio samples of koalas, kookaburras and Tasmanian devils, giving the song a unique Australian twist. It also carries a positive social message: after the huge forest fires that ravaged the country over  the past year and cost many animals their lives, nature has the ability to recover.

The winner of the competition was determined online by an international audience and a panel of AI experts Vincent Koops (from the Netherlands), Anna Huang (US) and Ed Newton-Rex (UK).

‘We were amazed by the teams’ wide range of innovative approaches to using AI in their creative process in creating AI Song Contest songs. Every song felt very personal in different ways, and this reflects how the artistic vision of each of the teams drove how they collaborated with AI.’

The audience’s enthusiasm for the Australian entry is a huge boost for AI as a unique creative technique for the future. It shows that a computer can write a feel-good song with a very catchy hook. But not too surprising, given Australia’s beautiful and unique wildlife.

Other Top Entries

The other top songs were I’ll Marry You, Punk Come (Germany), Abbus (Netherlands), and I Keep Counting (France).

Final Results

Although the Jury preferred the entry from Germany, The Audience was more in favour of Australia. It was a close call, by only 0.4 points.