Is Apple announcing Apple Glasses at WWDC 2020?

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Apple AR (Augment Reality) Glasses

Apple has been experimenting with augmented reality for more than 10 years, according to the patents it has filed, and we’ve seen many nudges towards augmented reality with Apples ARKit, and Reality Composer which allow developers to easily create augmented reality software.

It is rumoured that Apple has a secret research unit comprising hundreds of different employees working on Augment Reality and Virtual Reality, exploring ways the emerging technologies could be used in Apple products.

What is this years big announcement?

Originally, inside sources poked at that the AR Glasses to be coming in 2020. However, taiwanese site DigiTimes also recently said that Apple’s AR glasses will launch in 2022 as suppliers work to ramp up development. There have been rampaging rumours of HTC working with Apple on AR and VR equipment for quite some time now.

... what Google Glass should have been,

What are your thoughts? Is this the year Apple gives in and releases, what Google Glass should have been? Will Apple Glasses be what Google Glass should have been