Microsoft unveils Project Scorpio – a 4K, VR-ready, supercharged Xbox One

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At its E3 media briefing earlier this morning, Microsoft lifted the lid off Project Scorpio. Described by Microsoft as the “most powerful console ever,” it promises to be a supercharged and VR-ready Xbox One – and it could be yours when it arrives in stores Christmas next year.

According to Microsoft, Project Scorpio will feature “true” 4K resolution, an eight-core CPU, six teraflops of GPU power, and run at 60Hz. Games designed for the original Xbox One will still work with Project Scorpio, but they’ll be rendered in a higher quality. Your Xbox One accessories will also work.

As stated before, Project Scorpio is also VR-ready. While they promise “high-fidelity virtual reality”, Microsoft didn’t go into detail about its VR plans – such as what headset will you need to use. While they were not mentioned by name, Oculus and Microsoft announced a partnership last year – so that could potentially influence things.

Microsoft says it’s coming by the end of next year, and we’re expecting to hear more about its Scorpio’s plans at next year’s E3.