Rainbow Six Siege: Spectator Mode Trailer

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R6S_screenshot_Kanal2kWith Rainbow Six Siege beta around the corner, Ubisoft today just released a trailer showcasing their upcoming featutre: Spectator Mode.  Similar to other Spectator Modes, players are able to jump into any game and watch the match in real-time, learn how different players adapt to different situations, watch the players ammo count, health and equipment.  However, the key difference between the Spectator Mode in Rainbow Six and other games is the Tactical View, which spectators are able to have full top-view and a 360 degree of the entire map, allowing for follow the action more closely or learn the layout of the map. For those waiting to try out this feature, Spectator Mode will be available for the PC version during the closed beta, while console players will have access at launch.

Rainbow Six Siege will be available for PS4, Xbox One and PC later this year, with the Closed Beta playable prior to launch. You can sign up to the beta here while watching the trailer below.