Class President-elect Barack Obama tries to go viral on Buzzfeed

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Like a teenager attempting to be school captain, Barack Obama is continuing his rein of putting Coke-in-the-bubblers by talking to millennials through sites such as YouTube and Vox. Today, though, his voyage to reach a particular pop-politics audience, Obama has found himself on the Buzzfeed homepage, just above a ‘Reality Check’ article called 14 Texts You Send In Your Early 20s Vs In Your Late 20s.

In the pandering viral video, Obama is seen, in a meme-ending episode, performing what Buzzfeed writers think he must do “when no one’s around”.

With that said, maybe our own PM, Tony Abbott, could learn a thing or two about marketing himself through similar #teen verticals. And with what we’ve seen recently with Australian politics, at least he’d have nothing to lose.

Also, who would’ve thunk anyone could’ve made look like a legitimate news site? Kudos, Buzzfeed.