Spotify redesigns Windows Phone app (again)

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Released overnight, Spotify has released an update for their Windows Phone app. This new release – version 5.0 –¬†introduces a totally new design and a small amount of new features. The UI revamp provides users with an iOS-esque interface using very familiar transparency and rounded corner design principles. The update also removes the Starred functionality like it’s iOS and Android counterparts did a few months ago and introduces Your Music – allowing you to build a library of songs, artists and albums much like iTunes.

According to the release information, the following features have been added:

  • Spotify has a bold and beautiful new look: playing your favourite music has never looked so good.
  • Your Music on Windows Phone: helps you save, organize and browse your music collection.
  • Updated Browse feature: delivering even more relevant and localized content.

While the design doesn’t necessarily follow Microsoft’s “Modern UI” design principles, the app is looking quite nice – albeit still missing features such as Local File Support and Last.FM scrobbling support. However, it’s nice to see app developers taking Windows Phone seriously. Well done Spotify.