PAX AUS 2014: Hands on with Tesuro Keyboards

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This year at PAX Australia, TechGeek had the chance to try a few of Tesuro flagship mechanical keyboards.  Available at this year’s convention, attendees were able to view their Colada Saint, Lobera Supreme and their Tizona model.

When trying each of the keyboards it was apparent that Tesuro caters for a wide range of gamers. For example, the Colada Saint is primarily made from aluminium – trading weight for sturdiness; while the Lobera Supreme’s LED are fully customizable.

The Colada Saint, as mentioned before is one of the heaviest keyboards. Incorporated in the design are Cherry MX key switches, five different profiles, 300 macro keys and adjustable backlight.

The Lobera Supreme – “world first Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with Full Colour LED Lights”, allowing gamers to modify its appearance to fit any gaming rig. Other functionally similar to the Colada Saint: five different profiles, 300 macro keys and adjustable backlight.

The Tizona line comes in two models, the base keyboard and the number pad. The keyboard set up can be adjusted by either attaching the number pad on the far left or far right, suiting any gaming style. Because of this, this keyboard is suitable for gaming on the go due to compact nature.

Tesuro are a relatively new gaming peripheral manufacturer which aims to improve anyone’s gaming experience with their initiative designs and competitive prices. Other than keyboards, Tesuro also design headsets, mice and mousepads.