ACCC takes Valve to court over breaches of the Australian Consumer Law

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The ACCC has announced that it will take Valve to the Federal Court over its games refund policy on Steam, saying that it misrepresented or made false claims “regarding the application of the consumer guarantees under the Australian Consumer Law.”

According to the ACCC, Valve is alleged to have made claims that customers were not entitled to refunds in any circumstance; that it was not in any obligation to refund, repair or replace a game; and that statutory consumer guarantees outlined in the Australian Consumer Law did not apply to them.

The ACCC notes that, while Valve does not have any physical presence in Australia, they are still bound by the Australian Consumer Law.

The Australian Consumer Law applies to any business providing goods or services within Australia. Valve may be an American based company with no physical presence in Australia, but it is carrying on business in Australia by selling to Australian consumers, who are protected by the Australian Consumer Law,” the ACCC’s Chairman, Rod Sims, said in a press release.

The case will start on October 7.