E3 2014: ‘Scalebound’ from Platinum Games announced, exclusive to Xbox One

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Platinum Games has announced a brand new game in development – a fantasy action game called Scalebound. However, unlike its last two titles – Bayonetta 2 and The Wonderful 101 – this game will be an Xbox One exclusive.

According to Microsoft:

The next great adventure from critically acclaimed developer Platinum Games and renowned game director Hideki Kamiya, “Scalebound” transports you to a distant, hostile world. You’ll come face to face with fearsome creatures, including a formidable dragon — and the bond you forge with this awesome predator will prove crucial to the survival of both worlds.

The trailer shown at Microsoft’s E3 2014 presentation showed a character fending off two dragons with a bow-and-arrow and a sword. Later on, he was able to change his appearance and ride a dragon into battle.

No release date has been set.