E3 2014: PlayStation TV coming to Australia later this year, while Sony ignores the Vita platform

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PlayStation TV, also known as Vita TV in Japan, is coming to Australia. With PlayStation Vita internals, the new set-top box will play Vita games, as well as relay PS4 games over your home network.

The console is confirmed as coming to America at the price of $99, while PlayStation Australia have tweeted that the console will also hit Australian stores at a similar time, and for a similar price.

A more expensive bundle will come with a DualShock 3, 8GB of memory, an HDMI cable, and a digital voucher for the Lego Movie Video Game for Vita.

Elsewhere the PS Vita platform was quickly brushed off by Sony, with their E3 keynote leaning on the upcoming PlayStation Now service, which will stream PS4 and PS3 games from the cloud to Vita. This service will not be coming to Australia anytime soon, meaning Australian, and even European Vita owners, are going to be left with just a few Vita titles this year, like Minecraft. Cool news if you like the Vita’s current library, but also pretty damning admission from Sony that there aren’t many new Vita games on the horizon. But hey, Minecraft.