Cards Against Humanity is coming to Australia, seeking submissions for local edition

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Today has been a big day for tech news: we had the announcement of the LG G3, Microsoft showed off its new real-time translator for Skype, and Google Chromecast is finally here in Australia. To be honest, however, all of them pale in comparison with the news I bring you – that the infamous card game Cards Against Humanity is finally coming to Australia.

The news was announced on Facebook by Critical Hit – a Melbourne-based store that sells gaming and geek-related merchandise. According to their post, the creators are planning to launch with a localised edition of Cards Against Humanity. In other words, instead of cards with obscure American references like “Rush Limbaugh’s soft, shitty body,” you’ll get Australian-specific cards like “Andrew Bolt’s soft, shitty body.”

Despite the game not being officially sold in Australia, there are many ways to get the game – including getting a US shipping forwarder to send the game (and the expansion packs) to you. It should be noted that the game itself is free to download, but you will need to print out the cards and assemble it yourself.

Critical Hit and the creators are also asking for suggestions to put in the localised edition of Cards Against Humanity. Submitters will also be in the draw to become one of the play-testers of the new version. You can send your submissions for black and white cards to this form.

Image by he-was-number-wan/Tumblr