Razer lets you store PC game saves in the cloud, by using Dropbox’s servers

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Razer is about to make storing your PC game saves and settings in the cloud much easier, with the announcement of a brand new software called the Game Booster’s Save Game Manager. However, Razer isn’t using their own cloud servers. Instead, it will piggyback off Dropbox’s own servers, with more providers to be added later on.

It will also support more than 2,000 games – including the Batman Arkham series and Mass Effect series; and will be continuously updated for new releases. You can even add your own games that aren’t on the list (provided that, I’m assuming, you know where their save files are stored) to be stored in the cloud.

For those unaware of what Game Booster is – it allows gamers to enhance their gaming experience. It allows gamers to maximize their frame rate, configure their PC performance, load any game through its user-friendly interface, or capture memorable moments in high-definition.

Game Booster is free to download from their website.