Introducing Techcast – the new podcast from TechGeek

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Introducing the new podcast from TechGeek… Techcast. Giving you a dose of the latest technology news from around the web in a convenient 45 minute episode. Techcast is hosted by Terence Huynh, Stewart Wilson and Chris Southcott – and we might have an occasional guest pop in. Techcast will be replacing the old TechGeek Weekly and The Briefing podcasts – both airing their last episodes in September 2013.

We decided to change it up because we wanted to start anew with the podcasts, and stick with what we know – commentary on the tech news of the week.  Techcast will also have a slightly different structure to TechGeek Weekly. We’ll firstly discuss what we think are the main stories of the week in length – normally three – before moving onto some of the other stories of the week.

Techcast will be mostly weekly starting from Wednesday 26th of February 2014 at 9:30PM. We say mostly weekly since things can come up and we’ll have to delay an episode – but unlike the TechGeek Weekly podcast, there will be some consistency.

Make sure you tune into Techcast on Wednesday!