Foxtel’s Presto movie streaming service launches on March 13, will cost $20 per month

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Foxtel’s “Netflix killer” now has an official launch date and price. The company’s new movie streaming service Presto will open its doors on March 13 with a lower subscription price than previously announced.

The service was due to come out later last year, but was delayed because of technical issues and software glitches.

Customers will now pay $19.99 (instead of $24.99) to access to its wide library of movie titles from the major studios, and live streams of all of its movie channels. However, it will not have content from the SBS-owned World Movies channel, or any content from its premium drama channel Showcase. Foxtel will reduce the price to $4.99 for the first month to entice them to sign up to Presto.

Like Foxtel Play, Presto will have no monthly contracts – so if you want to kill some time during the holidays, you can subscribe to Presto (provided if you have a decent internet connection to stream it, of course).

The service will be available through PC, Mac and iPad – with a version for Android tablets launching soon (as per the launch announcement last year). There is also a possibility that Foxtel – thanks to its co-owner Telstra – could support Google’s Chromecast, a dongle that lets you stream content on the web to your television via a HDMI port.

Oh, and if you were also wondering – it does not require Silverlight.

Image: Tony Broderick/Twitter