Warface Xbox 360 Edition now in public beta

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Warface_Horizontal_BlackFrom the developers of the acclaimed “Crysis” series, Crytek have announced today that their upcoming free-to-play first person shooter Warface is now in open beta. Using the award-winning CRYENGINE, Warface is set in the near future where the world is still struggling from the recession and the powerful members of society controls a majority of the world’s wealth. Players are divided into two teams: Warface – those who oppose the wealthy; and Blackwood – those who protect the powerful individuals; fighting in endless war. Players will be forced to work cooperatively with each other to help defeat the other team.

The game features four unique classes: Rifleman, Medic, Engineer, and Sniper; each sporting a different gameplay style and weapon set – suited for a range of tactical gameplay. A gameplay trailer is just after the jump.

When the game is fully launched in autumn, players will receive regular content updates, daily co-operative missions, and new weapons and maps. To join the beta, players must first sign up via the link.

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