Yoshi’s New Island available from March 15

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Presskit741_1366272032_3DS_Yoshis_Island_ss04The sequel to the highly acclaimed title Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island and the latest installment of the Yoshi franchise, Yoshi’s New Island is set to be release to the Australian market on March 15, exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS.

Yoshi will have to jump, ground pound and gobble up his way through various sized enemies; and journey once more with Baby Mario across new terrain in hopes of reuniting with his brother, Baby Luigi. Whether veterans or newbies to Yoshi’s daring adventures, this charming game will be a hit for anyone to enjoy.

In addition, Nintendo Australia announced an incentive for pre-ordering ahead of release. Exclusive to EB Games stores, a ‘Yoshi Egg Game Case’ will be available via pre-order, allowing players to store their favourite game cards or other small items in this Yoshi-themed item.