Toukiden: The Age of Demons release date announced

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main_visual_FIXallTecmo Koei just announced their latest game Toukiden: The Age of Demons will coming to Australia and New Zealand in February 2014 for the PlayStation Vita. Already sold over 470,000 units in Japan, and was the best-selling PlayStation Vita game in 2013; this game is sure to become a hit in the western market. The announcement trailer is after the jump.

Inspired by ancient Japanese history and folklore, the game is set throughout medieval Japan exploring humanity’s struggle for survival against monstrous demons. (Oni) The player is a young brave Slayer – a group opposing the Oni’s threat, fighting for humanity survival within these dark times. The game will feature varies customization features, ranging from a selection of weapon choice, armour, and team formation – allowing players to comfortably oppose against dangerous threat. Moreover, the game cast will feature over 200 characters, ranging from fictional and historical Japanese figures – aiding the player against the Oni.

In addition the game will feature pre-order bonuses via the PlayStation Network, further aiding players against the Oni threat. One of the bonuses is called ‘Mitama of Momotaro’, which strengthen the player’s skill; and the other is a wearable pair of car ears.