AMD is putting Android on Windows PCs too – just without the button

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While everyone is making a big deal about ASUS (and Intel) putting Android on a Windows laptop, we shouldn’t forget about AMD – they are also doing the same thing. However, instead of pushing a button to switch between the two, they plan on letting you run Android apps without even leaving Windows.

AMD’s plan is essentially creating a virtual machine running Android, using Bluestacks’ App Player. However, this version has been “enhanced” for AMD. Unlike traditional virtual machines, the Android machine will be able to directly use the graphics card and CPU, and also have direct access to the hard drive. Put simply: you can run whatever Android app without issue and access any files from Windows whilst in the Android machine.

AMD has not released any details about what version of Android they are running – we’re assuming at least Jelly Bean or above. They have also not released when it will be available on computers running AMD processors.