Meet Clusterfuck! – a card game about hooking up with friends, from the creators of Cards Against Humanity

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The creators of Cards Against Humanity – the highly-popular politically incorrect card game – have released their new card game called Clusterfuck! And as the name suggests, the game is all about hooking up with your friends to have – according to the instructions – “one unforgettable threesome”.

The game is separated into two phases: the first is passing notes, trying to secretly organise with other players to hook up. Once that is done, everyone closes their eyes and points to the people they want to hook up with both hands. If there are two people pointing exclusively at each other, they both score one point; but if three people are all pointing to each other, then they get three points.

The people who can managed to get three points or more wins. But be careful, if a player spots a group trying to organise a threesome, they can bust it by “flipping the bird” at one of the suspected players. If the threesome was busted, then the people who busted it score two points and the threesome couple score none.

You can download the card game – for free – from their official website.