Nintendo: Pokemon X & Y save bug fix coming

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In a statement posted on their website yesterday, Nintendo has confirmed that they are working on a fix for a bug in Pokemon X and Y that – when you save in certain places – irreversibly corrupts your save file.

The bug only occurs when the player saves in Lumiose City (or in Japan, Miare City). Saving anywhere marked in blue in the map of the city below provided by Nintendo will cause the bug. It does not occur inside any buildings in the city – including the Pokemon Centre. Still, I wouldn’t risk it – just don’t save in the city.


According to Nintendo, the fix will also repair the corrupted save files – so if you’re happy to wait, you don’t have to restart the game and finish your Pokemon journey. Otherwise, if you want to start again and erase the corrupted game save – press the up, B and X buttons simultaneously when the title screen loads.

Despite the flaw, Pokemon X and Y has been popular with critics and gamers Рselling four million copies worldwide in two days when it was launched worldwide last Saturday.