You can now buy ‘The Internet’ from Etsy

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In another installment of our semi-recurring series “Things Found on Etsy“, you can own the entire Internet – usually found on the top of Big Ben, for the best reception – from the Elders of the Internet, so you can impress your friends and shareholders. Its surprisingly small, and is completely wireless.

Yeah, I can’t keep this up. This is a fan-made recreation of the famous “The Internet” box from the hit comedy, The IT Crowd. Made by Adelaide-based KinectGifts, it includes the blinking red light. All you need is to provide your own 9V battery, flick the switch at the back, and confuse your non-techie friends.

The box costs $30, plus $12.55 postage and handling to anywhere in Australia. That said, you probably can make it yourself for much less. You can find more on the Etsy listing.