Optus announces plans to reduce bill shock with a $10/day plan with a 30MB daily data cap

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Image: williamcho/Flickr (Creative Commons)

Optus has today announced that they will follow Vodafone’s plans in reducing global roaming charges – albeit in a different way. The company will merge its five roaming zones into two, and will introduce for post-paid plans “Travel Packs” which will set you back $10 a day. However, if you’re a huge data user, then these plans are terrible.

Zone One will include New Zealand, the Pacific Islands, Asia, UK, Europe, the USA and Canada; while Zone Two will be Africa, Latin America and the Middle East. The new roaming charges goes as follows:

Zone One Zone Two
Standard Text 50c/SMS $1/SMS
Phone Calls $1/min $2/min
Data 50c/MB $1/MB

Optus’ “Travel Packs” will, for post-paid customers, will let users have unlimited text and calls for $10 per day. However, you get a measly 30MB per day as well (in Zone One) – which is pretty shit, compared to Vodafone’s offering in letting you use your existing caps.

Pretty much, nothing has changed. If you plan to call people overseas and/or text, you’re better off with Optus’ new roaming charges. However, the most common reason why bill shock occurs is essentially data – and it has not been addressed by Optus’ new plans.

You will still get bill shock if you’re not careful, but at least you pay¬†less than before.

The new rates will be in effect in September, while Travel Packs will be available in November.