Wargaming’s Jasper Nicolas: We are now here in Australia, working to add local server

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Wargaming is making a big push to Australia, with the general manager for South East Asia for Wargaming, Jasper Nicolas telling us, the company is working to establish physical servers in Australia and pushing for more eSports in Australia.

“We’ve created our presence, we’ve shown you what we can do and I want to be able to do more,” Nicolas said. “So with Victor, our CEO, and me discussing about Australia, we decided that the best thing is to actually invest in physical servers that would enable to cut down their latency from 100ms to 20-30ms.”

“We’re going to invest in servers, we’re going to invest in local talent, we’re going to invest in more marketing the game [and] we’re going to invest in more engaging our community.”

And judging by the reaction at PAX Australia, the big push has been really successful.

You can watch the full interview above.