First Look: Metal Dead Encore

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At PAX Australia TechGeek was given an opportunity to play Walk Thru Walls’ upcoming game Metal Dead: Encore. The game combines two unlikely themes: zombies and heavy metal into an apocalyptic action/comedy game. The gameplay and controls are based on early point and click games, similar to those of LucasArts; using challenging puzzles to progress in the story.

This game is a direct sequel to the developer’s previous game – Metal Dead, continuing where the story left off. For those who did not play the previous game, the game will feature a ten minute video summarising the previous game in a nut-shell. The story of the game is stopping a zombie apocalypse, controlled by a land shark with spider-like legs from destroying a seaside village holding a heavy metal concert.


I was lucky enough to have one of the developers, Robert Wriedt, guide me through their tutorial and explaining the controls and some aspect of the story. The tutorial opened with a helicopter crashing, where the last game left off with everybody trying the escape. I was controlling a metalhead named Malcolm and trying to help his friends escape. After some random clicking and helping the pilot escape, the tutorial ended with a teaser of the game, highlight the potential of the game.

Metal Dead: Encore is currently in Steam Greenlight, available for up-voting. Similarly, Walk Thru Walls’ Metal Dead is also available on Steam Greenlight, but is available for digital download.