Saints Row IV reconfirmed for PAX Australia, modified version to be playable on expo floor

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PAX Australia has reconfirmed that Saints Row IV will be playable on the expo floor during the event. However, gamers will be playing a modified version of the game that removes the contentious material that saw the original game be given a refused classification by the Classification Board.

Saints Row IV currently has a dedicated booth at PAX Australia in order to showcase the game. However, that was thrown into doubt once it was announced that Saints Row IV was given a refused classification rating. Australian classification law forbids anyone from selling, hiring or publicly exhibiting anything that has been refused classification.

According to Kotaku Australia, the reason why the game was refused classification was because of an “alien anal probe” that the board felt that it was implied sexual violence “that is interactive and not justified by context”, and illicit drug use.

It is likely that PAX Australia and/or its developers Volition got permission to showcase the modified game, as the classification board has not come back with a rating for the modified version.