MOGA controllers launch in Australia on August 21

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MOGA ProThe critically acclaimed Android mobile controller, MOGA, has been announced to be avalible in Australia from August 21. At launch there will be two versions of the controller, the MOGA Pocket Controller and MOGA Pro Controller. Both controllers has dual analog sticks, shoulder buttons and triggers, and four actions buttons – allowing for precise, im mersive, console-like gaming experience. However the MOGA Pro Controller will have rubberized grips, internal rechargeable batteries and D-pad; while the MOGA Pocket Controller will require additional batteries. For those who are constantly frustrated by the clumsy and sometimes unresponsive touchscreen controls, these controllers are a must have for either casual or hardcore gamers.

Additionally, available at launch will be well-known games – such as Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, Real Soccer 2013, PACMAN by Namco and others; via the MOGA Pivot app from Google Play Apps Store.

Pre-orders are available from now until launch at EB Games, with a bonus incentive – a free version of Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour – a fast-action military first-person shooter. Moreover, the MOGA controllers will be available for preview at PAX AUS at booth 1209.