Square Enix teases Kingdom Hearts story, confirms release on PS4 and Xbox One

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You may have seen the announcement trailer in Sony’s press conference yesterday, but today Square Enix has released some more details about Kingdom Hearts III – the latest title in the long-running Kingdom Hearts franchise. And yes, it is indeed coming to the Xbox One as well as the PlayStation 4.

Kingdom Hearts III is a sequel, story-wise, to Kingdom Hearts II but will also integrate the characters from Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep (well, according to the story provided by a Square Enix press release).

The game will feature a mature Sora on a quest to find the seven guardians of light and the “Key to Return Hearts” (yes, it’s actually called that) before Master Xehanort gets them, who is sparking a war against the ‘tyranny of light’. The main B plot is with King Mickey and Riku searching for the previous Keyblade wielders.