The Xbox One is coming in November for AU$599 (and the Australian Tax still applies)

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The Xbox One is coming in November in 21 markets – including Australia. And the price tag is going to make your mouth drop. The Xbox One will cost $599 in Australia. Of course, it will get cheaper over time – but still, $600 for a console is pretty steep.

Microsoft is also launching a limited edition bundle for those who reserve the system at major retailers. Included in the package is the new Xbox One with a “premium black packaging” with a limited edition Day One controller and Day One achievement. Because an achievement is considered extra value by Microsoft.

And if you thought the prices are equivalent – no they are not. It is considerably more expensive to get the console. Pricing for those in America is US$499.99, while it is EUR499 in Europe. In Great Britain, it is £429. Converting all prices into US dollars (on rates at the time of writing), British people are spending around US$669, while the Europeans are spending at least US$662.

Remember, the US pricing is $499.99.

Australia is lucky – we’re paying $100 more, as opposed to $150 more. But that hasn’t stopped Microsoft from screwing all of its fans.